Media Appearances

 Interview on cannabis legalization
 “I know you're not an expert Tucker, but you're supposed to do your job.

   Interviewed about the premiere episode of VICE's new cannabis cooking show 'Bong Appetit'

   "We're moving beyond marijuana as something frightening. People are curious, and cannabis food is a great way for them to access the culture and understand that it's something we should be celebrating, not suppressing."

   Interview on first day of legal cannabis sales in CO, based on first-hand reporting for VICE
    “It's not just a great day if you love cannabis, like I do. It's also a great day if you hate injustice, institutional racism, and the terrible system of prohibition we've subjugated people to for far too long.

   The libertarian magazine/think-tank hosts an extended discussion of ongoing efforts by state governments in Colorado and Washington to implement voter-approved marijuana legalization.
     “We need to treat legal pot like alcohol, not like plutonium.”
   Interview upon publication of The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook
    “Smoking pot won't make you lazy, it's just that lazy people love smoking pot. I mean, it certainly didn't make Louis Armstrong, Carl Sagan, and Michael Bloomberg lazy.

   Interview on 4/20 to explain the origin and future of that unique cannabis holiday.  
It was originally used as a secret code by this subculture―a way to self-identify. Obviously, when you're engaging in an illegal activity, that's extra important. All the old jazz lingo, like reefer and muggles, served basically the same function....

   A heated debate of pot legalization less than a month before California voted on Proposition 19, an ultimately unsuccessful ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana.
    “That's a non-sense argument. Like saying let's go back to the good old days of Al Capone, when we had alcohol well-regulated.”

   A report on a tax-day publicity stunt in which marijuana legalization supporters gathered on the steps of Manhattan’s General Post Office to present the U.S. Treasury with a giant check, for $14 billion, made out on behalf of America’s roughly 25 million pot smokers.
    “You can call it a ‘natural’ grassroots movement, as opposed to astroturf,” High Times magazine’s Senior Editor David Bienenstock joked to Salon, referring to allegations that the tax-day tea parties have been hijacked by Fox News, the GOP and corporate lobbyists. “We’re here to represent constituents that are eager to pay taxes. All we want in return is to be able to smoke pot in peace.”

    Profile on the popular travel guide website
    “Is it a great idea to take three big bong rips and then do your taxes? Maybe. You're certainly not going to hurt anyone, but I'd also go back later and make sure it all still adds up.”

    The paper of record covers a High Times Bonghitters softball game versus The Onion.